Delivery Details

Delivery bearers

Your order will be delivered to you by one of our bearers, whether it is a rider or driver from our approved list.

Delivery time

Delivery Time is affected by various factors, one being road traffic and another being order volumes but we strive to complete all restaurant and pharmacy orders within a 60 minute time frame. Grocery store deliveries will be done within 90 minutes.

Delivery cost

Cost of delivery is based on the distance you are away from the selected store.

Food safety during delivery

Food being transported are done so at the regulated temperature in our thermal delivery bags. Also, for aditional protection and peace of mind, a safety seal will be placed on all food packaged by the restaurant to prevent tampering.

Responsibility upon delivery

For the interest of time, if your desired method of payment is 'Pay on Delivery' please procure close to the exact or the exact amount needed for Cash payment. As it relates to Venmo and Cash App payments, please have the app of choice readily available.

Also, please take keen note of the estimated delivery time so you can be present when the bearer arives.